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Kansas State Square Dance Association

Arkansas State Square Dance Federation, Inc.

Colorado State Square Dance Association

North Texas Square and Round Dance Association

East Texas Square and Round Dance Association

Louisiana Square Dance Association

Heel Cloppers

Saddlebrooke Squares

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National Conventions

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Link for National Executive Committee at Executive Committee
The National Executive Committee is the governing body of the annual National Square Dance Convention. Read the Frequently Asked Questions for an interesting look into what is known as "the World's Greatest Square Dance Event!"
Link for American Callers Association at Callers Association
The American Callers Association (ACA) is the second largest association of square dance callers in the United States. ACA is a non-profit organization with headquarters at Muscle Shoals, Alabama. ACA has members in the United States, Canada, Europe and New Zealand. Among other things, the organization provides accredited caller training and affordable BMI/ASCAP licensing and liability insurance for dance events.
Link for Callerlab at
As an organization of square dance callers, part of Callerlab's mission is to provide education and guidance to foster the art of square dance calling, and improve caller skills.
Link for Oklahoma State Callers and Teachers Association at State Callers and Teachers Association
The OKLAHOMA STATE CALLERS AND TEACHERS ASSOCIATION is an association of square dance callers, contra callers, and round dance cuers striving for professionalism.
Link for Central District Square Dance Association at District Square Dance Association
All-around support in Oklahoma for folk dancing: square dance, round dance, clogging and contra. The Association provides assistance for clubs, callers, cuer/instructors and is responsible for the yearly Square Dance Jamboree.
Link for Oklahoma Square Dance Federation at Square Dance Federation
Visit the Internet home of the Oklahoma Square Dance Federation! If you are visiting the Sooner State, let them know and they'll help you find a dance while you're here. They have hosted 4 National Conventions, 1955, 1978, 1989 and 2003.
Link for United Square Dancers of America, Inc. at Square Dancers of America, Inc.
The UNITED SQUARE DANCERS OF AMERICA, INC. (USDA) was formed on June 26, 1981, during the National Square Dance Convention held in Seattle, Washington, and has grown to the size that approaches the representation of 310,000 dancers throughout the United States. USDA is an organization formed by dancers, for dancers, and is under the operational control of dancers.
Link for Round-a-Lab at
The mission of ROUNDALAB is to foster the art of round dancing by improving cueing skills and teacher excellence through education, standardization and cooperation with other dance organizations.
Link for National Square Dance Campers Association at Square Dance Campers Association
The objective and purpose of the National Square Dance Campers Associations is to provide an opportunity for, and to encourage those interested in, both Modern Western Style Square Dancing and Camping, and to combine these two activities for mutual enjoyment
Link for Ceder New at New
The largest compilation of everykind of Square Dance information: articles, clubs, callers and cuers, checker cheats (it's not what you think), events, records, resources...all laboriously organized into a well-displayed, informative, searchable form. Perhaps one of the best resources on the net today.
Link for Where's the Dance at's the Dance
Where's the Dance is helping folks dance around the world, one club at a time. Very nice resource if you're traveling. The information is only as current as the club updates the site.
Link to Central District home page

Looking for Lessons?

Then look no further. You have found the best and most up-to-date listing of quality instructors in the State. If any of the clubs are sponsoring lessons now, they will be listed here.

Need an event?

Looking for someplace to go or something to do on a Saturday evening? What better way to spend it than at a Square Dance. Get out and DANCE.


With over 15 clubs within Central District, there is a dance somewhere soon. This page offers an interactive schedule of club dances and officers.

Officers, Contacts and Constitution

Central District has a long listing of both Elected Officers and Appointed Officers. See their info and contact information. Also find our defining document...our Central District Constitution.

Caller's Roll Call

Central District Callers and Cuers. Look at all that talent...well doggies!


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Oklahoma and Square Dancing

A little essay about the veiled beginnings of Square Dancing in Oklahoma. A timeline to put items in perspective. A listing of Central District's Presidents (1947 - present).

Visit 9

The visit 9 program and Central District - short but informative.


Shortcuts to some of the most valuable information on the Worldwide Web.

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